My New Favourite Thing

Tonight we picked up my favourite new thing we have had in a while. It’s pretty simple and not at all fancy. It isn’t a new electronic gadget which would normally be the type of thing I get excited about. 

This is a bench to sit in our kitchen. For those of you who know our house my office is directly off the kitchen. We’ve lived here for a little over three years now. Almost every single day since we have moved in the vacuum hose for the central vac has sat plugged in here. 

Usually it’s not so bad, but if not put there in a tidy way it would creep out over the floor and I would trip over it while going into the office. That and in a normally pretty tidy home it looked untidy. We left it out because it was used so frequently that it was a pain to out it away in a closet and dig it back out every time. 

We solved that today with the bench. It sits in the same place the hose did, but now it holds the hose and keeps it contained. It is neat and tidy and it provides extra seats for when we have company over. 

I’m so pleased with this and that there will be no more tripping over vacuum hose when coming and going from the office. 


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