Compensating For Lack Of Parenting?

My lovely daughter Caile is just one of those kids you don’t need to worry about. She’s our middle daughter as well. She just kind of goes about her business without needing a lot of interference or help from Jen and I.

Every day she comes home from school and just goes into the office and gets on Jen’s computer and starts doing her homework. We never need to ask, or remind her, she just does it. Because of this it has sometimes become a bit to easy for me to not stay up on what is happening in her life all the time. What sort of things she’s working on etc.

Jen helped her a bunch recently with a science fair project which has earned her a space in the regionals. We do talk as well, and I do feel we are close, but I worry about her falling into that middle child syndrome. The other day I sat her down and let her know how proud I was of her and thankful I was for her making things so easy on us as parents.

Most of her school work is done in Google Apps for Education and she knows how to work with all the apps really well. The other night I had a fun thought, maybe we can reward her by getting her a Chromebook of her own. Jen liked the idea and I found a good one on Bestbuy and ordered it. It arrived yesterday but it was a hectic day so I never unpacked it and gave it to her. When she was gone today I opened it up and put it on her bed. Included with it was a brilliant Pug post card that I received from a local artist Tara Andrews. She loves pugs so I was able to tell her I got her a pug and a computer.

2 thoughts on “Compensating For Lack Of Parenting?

  1. What loving parents you are!!! And it’s not even her birthday??! I also had another thought – ask Automattic to save her a spot for about a decade from now! Sure sounds like she’ll be smart enough to deserve it! 😉


  2. P.S. – Sandy, another thought – maybe Automattic should open a ‘kids’ section. Can’t you just see Caile being a Junior Happiness Engineer? Just in her spare time, of course. Say… an hour a day?!


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