Donair Date

For months now we’ve been putting off painting Caile’s room. We had some repair work done to the top of her wall and ceiling so it has been needing done since then. We’ve even had the paint for the whole time. Jen and I finally took the afternoon to get it done. Neither of us are painters but I think it turned out pretty well. Now she has two purple and two green walls.

It seems like I’ve written about donairs a lot on the blog. While I do really enjoy donairs I don’t really eat them very often. Since my month of being really good I’ve been wanting to treat myself with one though. So with that good month and after knocking that off that big item from our todo list we decided to go out for a donair date night.

It might not be super fancy, but anytime Jen and I can go out by ourselves is a big deal. Besides House of Dough makes some delicious donairs. The large just about got the best of me though. But it was so good I had to finish it off. From now on though I think I’ll still with the small as sitting here at home I’m settling in nicely to my meat coma while my arteries harden up just that little bit more.


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