A tale of two sisters

A tale of two sisters

We woke up to find out that schools are closed again today, the third day in a row, due to snow and road conditions.

Noah was up first can came to check if there was school and was excited about the news and delivered the news to two of his sisters. He came back to let us know how they took it describing and acting it out at the same time.

Ella, in a depressed voice asked, really? Then hung her head in disappointment and walked back into her room.

Caile, excited with a smile, gave an approving nod of the head and declared, good I’m going back to bed.

Hour of Code

This morning I was able to spend a bit of time with Noah in his class. They were participating in the Hour of Code. It was really neat seeing all the kids with Chromebooks working away.

Noah and I started out playing with Scratch. He wanted to build a basketball game but we didn’t have that much time and I haven’t spent a lot of time with Scratch so I’m not really familiar. We did make a character dribble a basketball across the screen.

From there we moved onto Code.org where we went through the steps to make a flappy bird game. It had ten steps where it gets you to setup the concepts of the game and change them around to immediately see the effect they have on the game. At the end he received a certificate he could print out.

He grasps the different concepts pretty quickly and seemed to really enjoy things. Im going to have to brush up on Scratch and maybe we can work at building that basketball game he wanted.

Old Man Music

Old Man Music

When we bought our new vehicle we received a free trial of satellite radio. During that time we’ve listened to a lot of pop music when driving around with the family. For the most part I don’t mind it and even find myself signing and humming the songs through the day, but I don’t choose the music.

There have been a few times that I try to put on music that I enjoy, things like The Tragically Hip or one of the 90’s alternative stations. Usually it comes with complaining and I switch it off or to something else.

Last night we went to Caile’s middle school band concert. They did a great job on songs like We Will Rock You and George of the Jungle. When the jazz band came on one of the songs they played was Proud Mary.

Ella, Noah, and I left at intermission as Caile was done and they had some late nights so wanted to get them to bed. I thought I’d share with them the CCR version of Proud Mary as it was the last song we listened to and I like it. Ella was having none of it. She started complaining right away, covering her ears, and trying to switch songs on my phone.

Eventually she told me the band’s version was much better and turned the volume down until we couldn’t hear the old mans music anymore. This from the kid who is going to a NKOTB, Paula Abdul, and Boyz II Men concert with Jen next month.

Last Day of Christmas Break

Today is the last day of Christmas break before the kids head back to school. We decided to head to the beach for a little walk. It was pretty windy and cold, but still very nice.

The last big wind storm we had changed the layout of the land. The bridge in one of the pictures below used to take you from the parking lot area onto the shore with a stream running underneath it. The stream doesn’t go under it anymore and you can just walk onto the shore.

Compensating For Lack Of Parenting?

My lovely daughter Caile is just one of those kids you don’t need to worry about. She’s our middle daughter as well. She just kind of goes about her business without needing a lot of interference or help from Jen and I.

Every day she comes home from school and just goes into the office and gets on Jen’s computer and starts doing her homework. We never need to ask, or remind her, she just does it. Because of this it has sometimes become a bit to easy for me to not stay up on what is happening in her life all the time. What sort of things she’s working on etc.

Jen helped her a bunch recently with a science fair project which has earned her a space in the regionals. We do talk as well, and I do feel we are close, but I worry about her falling into that middle child syndrome. The other day I sat her down and let her know how proud I was of her and thankful I was for her making things so easy on us as parents.

Most of her school work is done in Google Apps for Education and she knows how to work with all the apps really well. The other night I had a fun thought, maybe we can reward her by getting her a Chromebook of her own. Jen liked the idea and I found a good one on Bestbuy and ordered it. It arrived yesterday but it was a hectic day so I never unpacked it and gave it to her. When she was gone today I opened it up and put it on her bed. Included with it was a brilliant Pug post card that I received from a local artist Tara Andrews. She loves pugs so I was able to tell her I got her a pug and a computer.

Always Thinking

Noah came home from school the other day while I was away all proud of himself. Their school gives out Bravos to students when they are caught being or doing something good. Positive reinforcement at it’s finest. They can then save up these bravos and trade them in for a reward.

Noah found that if he picks up garbage out side and someone sees him they will give him a bravo. At first this was good intention, but what he was proud of was because he found an easier way. He told Jen:

Today I took my own garbage from my lunch outside and showed the teacher before I put it in the garbage and I got a bravo. I didn’t even have to try to find any outside.

Jen had a bit of a talk about honestly with him after that.

Back to School Pictures

The kids headed back to school this morning. I gathered up a few of the first day of school pictures over the past few years. These are the ones I could easily find figured it would be good for TBT

Tomorrow is the Day

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the year for all our kids. This is also the first year they’ve been split up over three different schools as Caile starts at the middle school.

In my head I know everything will be fine but I’m a little stressed at the logistics of the whole thing. Getting kids to and from school, parent teacher nights, and school concerts, there could be a lot of overlapping.

Getting kids to school isn’t going to be too bad, but pick ups I can see being a pain. They all get out at different times and there is an hour in the difference between the earliest and the latest.

It looks like most days it’s going to involve multiple trips towards the schools. It gets more interesting when extracurricular a get scheduled shortly after school gets out for some because it will make it tight picking some up, dropping one off here, going back to pick up another.

It’s a good thing Jen is so organized and I have the flexibility in my schedule that I do or this would be a lot tougher to manage than it’s already going to be 🙂

Time to get up

This morning Alexandria came down stairs and asked if Ella was supposed to stillbe in bed. 

Up the stairs I went to get getup and ready for school. I rubbed her back and said Mom ready woke you up once it’s time to get up. 

She instantly sat up, blinked her eyes trying to get focused and said:

Ah I hate it when that happens, I fell back to sleep. 

Instantly she was out of bed getting ready to go. 

Yesterday I left work a bit early to meet up with the rest of my family for an ice cream after school.

My oldest, in a new school for grade nine this year, was proud to tell me she joined her first extra curricular club. She wanted me to guess what she had joined though.

While I was thinking my four year old son with the most sarcastic look on his face, tone in his voice and seeming very proud to burn his big sister.

“Was it grade one?”