Beautiful views & eye opening realizations

A couple of my good friends are celebrating birthdays this month. As part of that they wanted to hike Cape Split as a group.

Despite living here for a long time, and it being a well known trail I’ve only been out to the point twice before, the first time was just over a year ago. That time I decided to bike the trail. It went surprisingly well. There were some rough spots and I had to get off and walk my bike a bit but I made good time and enjoyed the point very much.

The second time I did it was a couple of months later when me and two other friends ran it. That had me worried as I wasn’t sure how I’d make. I wasn’t as good as the two people with me, but still did ok and kept a pretty good pace. Things were sore at the end but not anything bad.

Since my last time out there has been a lot of work done on the trail. A completely new loop was made and some look off areas added, so when plans were being made to do it today I was excited to see.

The changes in the trail weren’t the only changes that took place since my last time out.

Early this year I started training for a half marathon. Not too far into it I hurt my knee and that set me back a bit. Very shortly after that I hurt my back. That was the beginning of yet another downward spiral. Since then I’ve done very little physical activity. My eating habits are back to the old terrible ones, and my weight as sky rocketed yet again.

I seem to have trouble keeping a good balance in my life. It’s rare that I can keep my family life, my career, and my health all in good spots at the same time. This past bit has seen a few areas struggle for me, but mostly me taking care of myself by living a healthy life.

So today, we were only about half way into the hike and I was feeling it. Nothing terrible, but I knew making it to the end was going to hurt, and at that point there is no choice but to continue on out.

The views and company were wonderful, it was cool to see the new work done to the trail and the look offs, but I’m now paying the price. The last few kilometres out were slow and hard. I struggled to walk up my stairs and get a shower. Not long after that came a cold chill and shivers. Everything from my toes to my shoulders hurt. But likely most of all my pride or view of myself.

It was eye opening. I obviously knew I was going down a wrong path with my health, but to see the effects of that play out so drastically does not feel good. Let the be the push I need to change and get that balance back in my life.

Thank to to the crew for getting me to come, and to Jen and my sister for taking care of all the kids while we were gone.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful views & eye opening realizations

  1. You weren’t the only one doubting yourself, and not the only one regretting letting things slip health wise. I sometimes get out of breath going up the stairs, it’s sad. I went into the hike not knowing how I’d fair, but did it anyway because it was good company. I started hurting about 3/4 the way to the split, and then made it more known I was hurting half way back when I couldn’t hide it any more.

    All that to basically say, you’re not alone.

    Soon we’ll be up next to you and we can build a ninja warrior course out in the woods or something…

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