Happy Birthday Jen

Well Jen’s birthday was a very busy day, but it was a fun time. It started out a little rough, we were supposedly trying to let Jen sleep in but it didn’t work out so well. We did manage to make a nice pancake breakfast for her though.

After lunch we headed into Acadia to watch Max and Ruby. The kids had a good time there, and the show ended up being better than I had imagined. They performed a couple stories from the TV show and had lots of songs with actions for the kids to join in with.

We went directly from the show into the city for a birthday party with the Fields family. We had a visit first before the party and then headed over to the theatre for the actual birthday. The kids had a great time playing and visiting. Right when we got to the Fields house they got dropped off a third rabbit. Alex carried it around for a long time and all the girls liked feeding the other bunnies as well.


Time for an Update

You would think that being done school for the summer would have given me more time to keep this blog updated. Seeing as I haven’t made a post in about a month I figure it is about time to write at least a little something.

We have been quite busy running around doing things and going places. You can see at least part of our adventures in our photo gallery. We have been making good use of our season pass toOaklawn Farm Zoo, which is one of the kids favorite things to do.

One day we made our way to Grand Pre and had a nice day making our way through the visitors centre area and the Historic Church property. There was a mix up of days which made us a day early before the real opening for the season but the main grounds are open year so we were still able to check everything out. The Church grounds there are beautiful, and a great place to take pictures.

Last weekend was the annual Apple Blossom Festival Although we didn’t attend most of the celebrations this year we did go see the childrens parade. A lot of the activities I find are just so busy and with so many people we decided to do our own things. Alex, Caile and Ella all really like the parade so we try to at least make it to that every year. Grandpa Doug was going to ride his unicycle in the Grand Street Parade this year, so we were going to go watch that to see him, but a couple days before the event he ended up dislocating his shoulder. Hopefully next year we will get to see him riding with the rest of the parade entries.

Jen’s birthday is in a couple of days, but because our day will be so busy on her actual birthday we will be having a little family celebration today. On her birthday we will be going to see a live Max and Ruby show at Acadia. I can’t wait to see especially Ella’s face when she gets to see them up running around the stage. She loves Max and Ruby. Then after the show is over we are basically heading right into the city to take the kids to a birthday party for family friends.


Noggins Farm Nature Trail

Yesterday Jen was not feeling well, so when Ella went down for her afternoon nap Caile and I went to get some groceries. We managed to get a little sidetracked though. Recently I had read that at Noggins Corner Farm there was a Bald Eagles nest with some new born eaglets. The wonderfully friendly staff in the Farm Market gave us one of their walking trail maps and pointed out exactly where the nest could be found on the walk. This was my first time going down the trail and although we didn’t go very far the path seemed to be very well kept.
When we first made it to where an Eagle was in sight another friendly staff member who was out doing maintenance on the trail stopped and talked to us. He explained the best way to get go to ensure we got a good picture of the nest and Eagles.
We did not get to see any of the eaglets, but we did manage to see one of the parents sitting out in plain site and then on our way out went soaring away. Although I didn’t notice it while looking at the nest when we arrived home and were examining the pictures we could see there was another of the parents heads just barely sticking out of their huge home.
Noggins’ website has a web cam setup pointed at the nest and other information about all the other things they have to offer www.nogginsfarm.ca.

School’s Out

It has been a rough semester but I now have four months to prepare for the next one. Overall the year ended better than I imagined. For a while I felt very confident that I would have to repeat at least one course. Fortunately that was not the case, I managed to squeak through a couple of rough ones. I was never in danger of actually failing a course, but for required courses a grade of C- or greater is needed to count towards a degree.

With all said and done this year I finished with a GPA of 3.0 and combined with last year it stands at 3.26 which is equal to a grade of B. If circumstances were different I’m certain I could have done better, but with the lack of time outside of the classroom that I can dedicate to school I am more than satisfied with these marks.

Now that I am done for the summer I’m looking for some work. So if anyone out there is in need of any website work please get in contact with me. In general I would not be able to work any sort of dedicated shift, but if your project can be a work from home at my own pace I would be a good match. If by chance the pay was enough and it was a job that would take up my whole break than we may be able to work something out. You can see my general resume at www.SandyMcFadden.comand examples of websites I have created at www.smcdesigns.ca.

Alex’s Spring Concert

Last night we got to go to Alex’s Spring Concert at school. Before hand Alex was very excited to go, when she got home from school she right away wanted to go and get changed into her concert cloths, even though it didn’t start until 6:30 pm. For a couple weeks Alex had been practicing her songs at night time and she did very well singing away in front of everyone with her class.

The theme for their concert was Assignment Earth – What kids can do to save the planet”. The school celebrated 1000 projects over 16 years that involved helping to save the earth. Pretty impressive as they started long before going green was promoted in the main stream media.

When we got home last night Alex was still singing one of her songs called “Driving Miss Daisy”, it was pretty cute.

Toys R Us Loves Us

First off it’s been a while since I’ve written an update. It’s exam time so I’ve been very busy studying as often as I can so I can hopefully be prepared. I’ve finished 4 out of 5 so far and there was only one that I am not confident in. Unfortunately that one is the lone computer course I was taking this term.

Since my last update we’ve kept busy with other things besides studying. I last posted a little before Easter, so I’ll start there. We had a good Easter, the Easter Bunny brought lots of chocolately treats and some other goodies as well. Easter was about the same time we went on our online Toys R Us shopping spree. They do have some pretty good deals every once in a while. For Ella we ordered two Little People play sets, Caile got a Barbie Mariposa Fairy, and Alex got a Bratz scooter.

The Oaklawn Farm Zoo opened up right around Easter and we have been there twice so far as well. With a trip to the city we played a little glow in the dark mini put at the Putting Edge. You can see pictures from most of these events at our Gallery.

Back to our Toys R Us love affair, we also recently ordered a wagon so that we can take the girls for long walks and them not get too tired out. Plus it’s a good work out pulling a wagon with two kids in it behind you. After that order they showed is their love by sending us a 10% discount coupon on our next online purchase. So because Alex out grew her bike from last year, and Daddy got a new bike this year, we ordered her up a new one. She has been out driving around testing it out and says she loves it. She was sad when it was raining out this morning because she couldn’t ride it to school. But after supper it had cleared up so Jen took them all out for a walk with Caile and Ella in the wagon and Alex on her bike. All this fun while I was at school writing a Sociology exam.

Busy Weekend

This has been a busy but fun weekend. It started Friday night. We took the kids to go see the Easter Bunny at Greenwood mall. Ella, like at Christmas time, still wasn’t fond of going and sitting on a strange lap, so instead she sat on her big sisters lap and made out ok. I really like the Easter Bunny in Greenwood, I’ve seen pictures from other parents with their kids sitting on a scary looking bunny knee. Here’s an extreme example lol.

Saturday, Alex and I went to her last skate lesson of the season. She thought it was going to be more of a fun day but they actually made her work. It took a bit of coaxing by the coaches to get her trying her hardest but what worked was them telling her if she didn’t try hard they weren’t going to give her the badge for completing level 4. That is all she needed so she tried hard and did complete all requirements for level 4. She was very excited.

Today I spent the majority of my morning going through the ridiculous process of registering Alex for swimming lessons. There has to be a better way than how they do it. But I went and waited from 10:30 until 1:00 and got her registered in the right level and at the time we wanted. Some people arrived a little after 8:00 to ensure they got their preference. Oh yeah I should mention that the doors weren’t scheduled to open until 11:30 and the actual registration start at 12:30.

This afternoon we went over to my twin nieces first birthday party. It was a good time, all the kids had fun and I think the adults did to 😀

Alex’s Skating Carnival

Last Friday was Alex’s Spring Skating Carnival. This is where all the kids get to showcase the things they’ve learned though out the skating year.

Even though this is her first year in the Can-Skate program she has advanced to level four already. Alex’s group did their routine to “Dancing in the Rain”. They did a fantastic job at remembering the whole routine and skated it very well.

Alex also received one of only three awards given out at the Carnival. It was for most Spirited Skater. She is very proud (and rightly so) of her new Gold Medal.

Ella is Two!!

Wow time really flies. Our youngest baby Ella is two today.

We had a great birthday party for her yesterday. Lots of family and some friends came over to celebrate with her. She was quite excited. She woke up from her nap to find the house decorated with balloons and streamers and just kept saying “wow!”

Ella was very happy with her Max and Ruby birthday cake. Dairy Queen did a great job decorating it for us even though when we called to order it they didn’t know who Max and Ruby were. We took in a picture for them and it turned out very nice. Not like some of the scary ones we found online, example 1 and example 2.

Unlike Caile who gets very shy when everyone sings happy birthday to her, Ella was basking in all her attention. She blew her candle out once, but that wasn’t good enough for her, so we lit it again for her hahaha.

The party went very smooth even though there were quite a few people in our place, and being smart this time and using disposable dishes make clean up go much quicker. We were in for a small fright when a neighbour knocked on the door saying he might have hit one of the cars that was parked on the side of the road. Luckily it must have been some ice he heard crunching because there didn’t appear to be any damage.

The other funny thing was that when we were finally getting everyone ready for bed we went to look for Ella’s new Dora tooth brush we bought her for her birthday, but it was no where to be found. We then realized that we forgot to bring out the gifts that Jen and I had bought her, so there were still all wrapped hiding in our closet. Oh well now she will have something to open on her actual birthday.

Happy Birthday Ella!

Great Day in Halifax

Days like today don’t happen often enough. Right from planning today everything worked out very well. Jen had the day off work, I have had the whole week off school, and Alex only had a half day of school, so we planned a day in the city.

We have never been to the Discovery Centre before and being winter (to cold to be outside) thought it would be a good opportunity to visit. We all had a great time. There were many fun displays setup, but our favorites were definitely the different mirror displays and the bubble room.

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