Never Enough Time

Lately it seems that no matter how organized, or how well we plan out our days, there just is not enough time to complete everything I’d like to in the run of a day. I guess this is to be expected when trying to juggle the schedules we do. With me in school during the day and Jen working at night it allow us to meet all our top priority obligations, and always have one of us home with the kids. But it doesn’t leave a lot time for school assignments and studying, let alone leisure or entertainment for Jen and I.

The lack of time has become all the more evident now that school work has started picking up again. There is also a new project that I am trying to work on, but at this point in time it falls low on the priority list so I won’t elaborate on exactly what it is right now. It is something I really enjoy working on so it could be dangerous because I have a tendency to put off things like school work. This is especially true right now as the majority of the classes I’m taking this semester are either not interesting to me, or I’m having trouble grasping them, which is very frustrating. So needless to say it would be very easy for me to procrastinate the school work and do the more enjoyable tasks.

Welcome To Our New Site!

Well it was about time that our old design was replaced. It was old, outdated and didn’t allow for much in the way of content on the site. Hopefully this design will help will all those issues.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then with all our pictures we have said a huge mouthful. Our pictures are a great way to record memories and watch our family grow, but the addition of this blog should help keep the memories all the more vivid.

That said, we won’t be updating the blog daily, but the plan is when we have something happen that we want to remember and share it will be posted here. When we post a round of pictures that we think needs a bit more information about the context, this will make a great way to provide that.

If you have any comments about the site or any suggestions to help make it better, feel free to fire off an email.

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