Bacon Lover

Today the kids all had the day off school so we are taking a long weekend to go and visit some friends. 

We grabbed a quick breakfast at McDonalds of egg McMuffins. Noah isn’t a huge fan of eggs or english muffins so Jen made him banana muffins that he could eat. 

Sitting beside his Sister though while she was eating hers he says:

Sitting beside someone with bacon is hard. 

Home Again

Not sure where to complain. I came out of my room this morning and there wasn’t a never ending supply of breakfast foods or buckets of coffee waiting for me. When I mentioned it to my wife she wasn’t very receptive to my problem. 

Although being in Park City Utah with my co-workers for a week was just a great experience, I’m very happy to be home in my own bed and getting tonnes of hugs this morning from my beautiful children before they were off to school. 

Now I just need to find the laundry service and house keeping to take care of this pile of dirty clothes I have.