Bacon Lover

Today the kids all had the day off school so we are taking a long weekend to go and visit some friends. 

We grabbed a quick breakfast at McDonalds of egg McMuffins. Noah isn’t a huge fan of eggs or english muffins so Jen made him banana muffins that he could eat. 

Sitting beside his Sister though while she was eating hers he says:

Sitting beside someone with bacon is hard. 

Christmas Shopping with Noah

Today I was able to get out on my first shopping date with one of the kids for the year. We’ve started drawing names so each Jen and I take out two kids individually to pick out small gifts for their siblings and have a treat with Mom or Dad. 

We had some ideas before we went on what he wanted to get them and as luck would have it we could get all three at the same store!

We timed it around lunch time because for his treat Noah wanted a cheese burger. Trying to be good I packed a wrap and apple for myself to eat right before we pulled in so I wouldn’t be tempted by McDonalds food. 

Once I had Noah all setup with his happy meal I tried opening his toy for him and knocked over my full hot coffee all over my foot and floor. Just the kind of scene I wanted in a busy restaurant. Noah thought it was kind of amusing and we were both impressed the have me a new one when I went to tell them what I had done. 

Besides that mishaps we had a fun time. Looking forward to getting out with Alexandria very soon as well.