Evening Family Walk

This evening we went for a wonderful family walk. My sister is still home visiting with her husband so a bunch of us got together to take Finney for a walk around  Miners Marsh.

With us came my mom and my brother in laws parents as well. It was a perfect evening to be out. The kids each took turns walking Finney and thought it was great. The marsh is probably my favourite place in town. I end up using it as part of my runs a lot because of that.

Coffee in a River

This morning I had my morning coffee in an interesting place. Last night we went tubing again down the Gaspereau River as it was the last day the river would be high enough for the summer. The power company has dams along the area and they control the water levels.

We took both vehicles and so we left one at the bottom then drove to the top. It was awesome going in the evening. The temperature was perfect, it was calm and relaxing.

The big problem was when we made it to the end and I didn’t have my car keys in my pocket anymore. Luckily Jen had her set for both vehicles so we were fine but it’s going to be a pain to get new keys.

This morning I got up early and headed back to the river. I figured if the water was going down last night, it would still be a needle in the haystack scenario, but this would be the mostly likely time I might find them.

No luck but I drank my coffee while wading in the river. No other people around except for some cars driving by. I did meet up with a hawk of some sort though. We were pretty close to each other for a while until it decided it didn’t like me being that close and took off.