Trip to the Park, Sort of

Plans don’t always work out the way you intend. The rest of my family had plans to go to Hennigars Farm Market today. They were going to have a little treasure hunt for the kids and feed the animals they have.

Last minute I realized they were getting ready to leave just shortly before I was going to finish off work anyway, so I snuck away a bit early and went with them. We made it there just shortly before my sister and her family so we went into the farm market to pick up a bit of fresh vegetables first.

While we were at the cash my sister came in with a horrible scowl on her face. While she was getting the kids out one of them slammed the door. The doors were locked and her purse was on the floor inside. Yup locked out.

When we were running though options she decided that either both sets of keys were in her purse or there was one at her house on the kitchen counter. I ran back to her house to check, but they weren’t there. She ended up having to call a tow company who sent someone out to get her in.

So I missed most of the time at the park but I did get back in time to watch the kids feed the fish and the guy get her back into the van. It’s pretty amusing because she has had to call someone to get her into her vehicle more times than anyone else I know. Why would you carry around both sets of keys for a vehicle?

Coffee in a River

This morning I had my morning coffee in an interesting place. Last night we went tubing again down the Gaspereau River as it was the last day the river would be high enough for the summer. The power company has dams along the area and they control the water levels.

We took both vehicles and so we left one at the bottom then drove to the top. It was awesome going in the evening. The temperature was perfect, it was calm and relaxing.

The big problem was when we made it to the end and I didn’t have my car keys in my pocket anymore. Luckily Jen had her set for both vehicles so we were fine but it’s going to be a pain to get new keys.

This morning I got up early and headed back to the river. I figured if the water was going down last night, it would still be a needle in the haystack scenario, but this would be the mostly likely time I might find them.

No luck but I drank my coffee while wading in the river. No other people around except for some cars driving by. I did meet up with a hawk of some sort though. We were pretty close to each other for a while until it decided it didn’t like me being that close and took off.