Watery Fun Kind of Day

The plan for today was to spend a fair amount of time on or around the water. The river which we tube down had the water levels brought back up so it was open again probably for one of the last times this year. We decided we would take advantage of it and get there as soon as the tube rental spot opened at 10:00.

Timing wise everything worked out great, we made it there right on time. The weather was nice but there still weren’t a lot of people around. We had a couple extra kids with us so there was a lot of people and all their things to keep track of so things got a bit stressful. We dropped some of the bigger kids at the top of the river with my sister and the boats to start to pumping them up while we drove one of the vehicles down to the bottom.

My arms and back were really sore this morning from the workouts I’ve been doing. So pumping the boats wasn’t something I was looking forward to doing. But we got them done and started walking down. We quickly realized that one of my sisters boats that we were going to borrow had a hole in it. This freaked some of the kids out because they didn’t want to go in a boat in case it got a hole in it while we were going down. So after discussion and a bit of arguing my sister decided her and her family weren’t going.

We went off anyway. The tube I had rented for myself tied to one of the boats was a lot bigger than usual. I had a hard time reaching my arms down into the water to paddle and steer myself. I felt like a T-Rex trying to do anything. As I was supposed to be the guide for the boat behind me and lead them down this was a bit stressful. Luckily the water levels were quite high so even some of the usually shallow areas weren’t too bad.

After heading home for some lunch we took off again out to Lumsden’s Dam Provincial Park to go for a swim. It’s a beautiful spot and I was able to spend some time doing one of my favourite things, swimming out fairly far and just floating on my back. The water over my ears blocks out most sounds or at least muffles them, the sun shinning down on me, and the slight ripples bobbing me up and down slightly.

Lumsden's DamMe Floating

Coffee in a River

This morning I had my morning coffee in an interesting place. Last night we went tubing again down the Gaspereau River as it was the last day the river would be high enough for the summer. The power company has dams along the area and they control the water levels.

We took both vehicles and so we left one at the bottom then drove to the top. It was awesome going in the evening. The temperature was perfect, it was calm and relaxing.

The big problem was when we made it to the end and I didn’t have my car keys in my pocket anymore. Luckily Jen had her set for both vehicles so we were fine but it’s going to be a pain to get new keys.

This morning I got up early and headed back to the river. I figured if the water was going down last night, it would still be a needle in the haystack scenario, but this would be the mostly likely time I might find them.

No luck but I drank my coffee while wading in the river. No other people around except for some cars driving by. I did meet up with a hawk of some sort though. We were pretty close to each other for a while until it decided it didn’t like me being that close and took off.

River Tubing

Saturday started out great, and it just continued right along that way. The rain cleared up and made way for gorgeous weather. We took advantage and with a group of other families headed out to float down a river.

One of the fun things to do in the summer here is to tube down the Gaspereau River. When the water level is high enough you can rent large inner tubes and use them to usually have a nice relaxing trip down the river. It seems like each time I go though there is a bit of a mishaps that makes it a fun adventure.

Last year a couple friends and I took a lunch break from work to go, left one car at the bottom and then drove mine to the beginning. When we arrived at the bottom there were no keys to the car we left. We thought for sure they were somewhere at the bottom of the river. Luckily after we called for a ride back to my car, the keys were sitting there on the seat. Lunch ran a little long that day.

Today we took some inflatable boats with us so that we could ride together with the kids and try to stay a bit dryer than having our butts sitting in the river through the tubes. We did rent a couple for Alexandria and her friend though. There were two kinds of boats, three larger ones, and three smaller ones. On the first trip down one of the smaller boats that Ella and her friend were in, and was tied together with our boat, ended up catching some branches on the side and tore a hole in it.

It didn’t take long before it was deflated and the kids were in the water. We were able to get them situated into other boats but not without one of our friends losing his hat to the river in the struggle.

Shortly into the second trip down another one of the smaller boats manged to get a hole and deflate. It was our friend who lost his hat and he was tied to another boat and was their navigator. But he opted to walk back up the river as the boats all left him behind pretty quick. Another took over as navigator for them and he went down the river on a tube with two boats tied to him keeping them on course.

We had a lot of sun, water, and even more laughs. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.