Tomorrow is the Day

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the year for all our kids. This is also the first year they’ve been split up over three different schools as Caile starts at the middle school.

In my head I know everything will be fine but I’m a little stressed at the logistics of the whole thing. Getting kids to and from school, parent teacher nights, and school concerts, there could be a lot of overlapping.

Getting kids to school isn’t going to be too bad, but pick ups I can see being a pain. They all get out at different times and there is an hour in the difference between the earliest and the latest.

It looks like most days it’s going to involve multiple trips towards the schools. It gets more interesting when extracurricular a get scheduled shortly after school gets out for some because it will make it tight picking some up, dropping one off here, going back to pick up another.

It’s a good thing Jen is so organized and I have the flexibility in my schedule that I do or this would be a lot tougher to manage than it’s already going to be 🙂