Apple Picking

We went apple picking as a family today at Noggins Farm Market just outside of Wolfville. It was like we were tourists in our own town.

There were so many people around all looking to do the same thing. Enjoy the Autumn in the Annapolis Valley and take a tractor pulled wagon ride back to the orchard to do some picking.

We might have a few apples now.

Pumpkin Planting and Picking

Back in the beginning of June we made, what has become our annual trip to Ross Farm Museum to take part in the Pumpkin planting weekend. It’s a great event where you can go and plant your own pumpkin seed in their fields. They put a large number of stakes in the ground in rows and each person gets a number. This year we were in the high 500’s, so it’s a popular event.

We always enjoy visiting this museum anyway and get an annual family pass so we can visit when ever we want. I’ve written before about the Maple Syrup Weekend they do.

This past weekend was when you could come back to “pick” your pumpkins. It is more like pick up your pumpkins because they do a lot of the clean up and make sure that everyone has a pumpkin, because inevitably I’m sure not everyone’s seeds actually grows, and even if they did each plant produces more than one pumpkin. So they detach all the pumpkins and remove all the plants from the field and make sure each post has a pumpkin waiting for you to come get it.

This year they made it even better than before because the provided wagons and wheel barrows that you can use to carry the pumpkins from back in the field out to your vehicle. I still ended up with the task of making three trips to the car carrying the four pumpkins because of the large group of friends that came the wagon we took only held a few of the pumpkins.

Luckily I only carried one the whole way from the field because most of the people took a horse wagon ride to the field and then back closer to the entrance. Then I just had to carry the other three from there out to the parking lot.

Besides picking up the pumpkins the kids also enjoyed stopping by the cottage where they had baked some molasses cookies to sample. The other highlight was something they don’t get to do every visit, but they were able to milk a cow thisĀ  time.

Planting the Pumpkins back in June:

Our trip back to get the pumpkins:

Picking Raspberries

Last night we went out to pick some raspberries as a family. If you didn’t know I have a thing for raspberries. It isn’t even that they are my favourite, but they are delicious and the memories are great. This was even better as two of my Aunts were down visiting my Mom and they call came with us.

We only picked a few pints each and it didn’t take very long. It would have taken even less time if I hadn’t been doing the whole one for the basket, one for me trick. It wasn’t quite that bad, but I certainly taste tested some. It was my first time picking at Reimer Gardens but I think I’ll be back. They had a great setup and they do u-pick blueberries as well!