Nova Scotia Summer

Nova Scotia Summer

While most summers we take a trip away from home and away from Nova Scotia that is only small part. We still love Nova Scotia and spend lots of time finding things to do here as well. 

We have a really great Muesum system here. There are 28 sites as part of it across the Province. In years past we buy a family annual pass which allows us access to all of them. We haven’t done that this year so far but we may still. 

This year, in partnership with our also awesome library system, they are piloting a Culture Pass. It works like borrowing an eBook from the library. Each library group in the system have so many available and people can borrow one for the specified time and use it to have access to the museums!

Yesterday we tried to borrow one for the first time to go to one of the museums but they happened to be all taken. I have access to two library groups and one has. 200 passes available with 6 people waiting for each and the other had 100 with 2 people waiting for them. Even though j was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to use the pass, it was also very exciting to see it getting so much use. Hopefully everyone borrowing them are visiting museums!

Our local library group also has a Summer Reading Club which I’ve written about before. The kids get to do activities and spend time reading to earn a pass to Upper Clemments Park. This makes another good day trip which we always enjoy as well. 

Today we are off on another day trip to do one of our favourite things and visit relaxing Nova Scotia Beach. Yesterday as part of your day we stopped at one as well. There are so many to choose from but today’s is one of our families top choices each year and we haven’t been yet. A few years back we started making a point of visiting new ones we hadn’t been to yet and I want to do that again soon. 

There are so many things to do and lots which don’t cost much or anything at all for families to do here. How are you spending your summer?

Favourite Winter Activity

Today we are visiting Ross Farm Museum for their annual winter frolic event. As we were walking from the car into the snow we were talking to the kids about the different activities that were on.

There is sledding, snow shoes, horse sleigh rides, and hot chocolate. At the mention of hot chocolate Caile pipes up:

That’s my favourite winter activity!

Pumpkin Planting and Picking

Back in the beginning of June we made, what has become our annual trip to Ross Farm Museum to take part in the Pumpkin planting weekend. It’s a great event where you can go and plant your own pumpkin seed in their fields. They put a large number of stakes in the ground in rows and each person gets a number. This year we were in the high 500’s, so it’s a popular event.

We always enjoy visiting this museum anyway and get an annual family pass so we can visit when ever we want. I’ve written before about the Maple Syrup Weekend they do.

This past weekend was when you could come back to “pick” your pumpkins. It is more like pick up your pumpkins because they do a lot of the clean up and make sure that everyone has a pumpkin, because inevitably I’m sure not everyone’s seeds actually grows, and even if they did each plant produces more than one pumpkin. So they detach all the pumpkins and remove all the plants from the field and make sure each post has a pumpkin waiting for you to come get it.

This year they made it even better than before because the provided wagons and wheel barrows that you can use to carry the pumpkins from back in the field out to your vehicle. I still ended up with the task of making three trips to the car carrying the four pumpkins because of the large group of friends that came the wagon we took only held a few of the pumpkins.

Luckily I only carried one the whole way from the field because most of the people took a horse wagon ride to the field and then back closer to the entrance. Then I just had to carry the other three from there out to the parking lot.

Besides picking up the pumpkins the kids also enjoyed stopping by the cottage where they had baked some molasses cookies to sample. The other highlight was something they don’t get to do every visit, but they were able to milk a cow thisĀ  time.

Planting the Pumpkins back in June:

Our trip back to get the pumpkins:

Day five – Washington DC

We spent the day exploring some of Washington, so far I really like this city. We pushed the kids again and did a fair amount of walking for some of their little legs. The heat is a bit more than we are used to so that slowed everyone down a bit too. Jen is the only one who really didn’t mind it at all. She said it is the first time she has felt warm this summer. There were fountains all over where we went which was fantastic. Everyone could drink and fill up our water bottles.

On our drive in we drove past the Canadian Embassy. It was Canada Day so there were all kinds of people outside celebrating. It was really neat to see and I wish we could have stopped, but we were meeting our friends at the parking area we arranged. Speaking of parking, we were referred to Parking Panda to book parking spots, and it is fantastic.

We only touched a few things today, but we went past the Washington Monument, then to the World War II Memorial. Continued on to the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool. It is really cool to see all these famous places up close an in real life.

Noah especially at this point was getting worn out, so we decided to head into the Smithsonian Museum of American History. We only took in a tiny fraction of this one, but it was really cool. We spent most of the time in the transportation exhibit.

We’re looking forward to go back in today to see some more museums and the other sights.

Natural History Museum – Dinosaur Exhibit

We’ve been trying for a while now to find the time on a weekend to get into Halifax to do something fun with the kids and get some errands done at the same time. It seems like there has just been one thing or another get in the way though. There have been a few storms, and last weekend Alexandria was sick.

We waited a bit before we left just to give the roads some time to melt off but besides that we had a smooth day. It was also very cold, but the sun was actually shinning so it was a nice drive. There were a couple shopping stops first, but then on to the Natural History Museum to see the Dinosaur Exhibit which is visiting.

On the way home we made our last stop at Costco. That’s always a fun trip especially on a Saturday afternoon. It helped remind me how much I don’t miss living and commuting in the city. Even short distance drives can take forever because of all the traffic. The one good part of stopping at Costco though is the fact that I was able to sneak away and grab a hot dog without anyone noticing. Because of the time we left we ate an early lunch and I knew that we would end up having a late supper so the hot dog was a smart move.

We still had some left on a gift card from Christmas so we had Swiss Chalet for supper. It’s always a nice treat to not have to cook and clean up after at home. We were even treated with a table side magic show by Al Bernard.

All and all it was a great day spent with my family. It seems like things have been leaning heavy to the work side of the work life balance, so this was a welcome day.