Basketball Withdraw

When we were getting ready for this trip Noah badly wanted for us to pack a basketball so he could use it and at least dribble around at times. We were pretty tight for space and there wouldn’t really be any spot to use it while we were staying in hotels and other rentals so we left them home. Having a break would probably be good too right?

At least two of the hotels we stayed at ended up having little half courts setup and the rental we’ve been staying in this week has a net setup almost right outside our door. He used these as opportunities to break out the old “I told you so”, but really it was too hot to play anyway.

On a couple of occasions so far we’ve let the kids play at arcades and both times Noah ended up right at the basketball free throw games for a lot of the time. The first arcade was one where you could win tickets to trade in for cheap toys so he used them to pick up a tiny little net and ball he could play with in the house.


At SeaWorld there was one of the games you could pay to play for a chance to win prizes based on the number of shots you made. It wasn’t open which was the only reason he didn’t end up sinking a bunch of his own money into trying to win a Raptors flag there.

Tonight is our last night at the rental here in Florida so after we made it home we let the kids go for a swim. There were three teenage boys who had a mini basketball and were throwing it around the pool with each other. They could tell Noah wanted to play after a while and they let him join them just like he was a long friend. Except it was even better. They talked to him and asked him questions like his name, how old he is, if he played basketball normally, and built up his confidence by letting him know he had skills. Before long he was jumping off the side into the pool and throwing it while in the air, and they were throwing him passes he could catch mid air as well.

When it was time for us to leave they high five’d him and said good by. I thanked them for including Noah and told them he was missing basketball this trip. Right away one of the boys yelled to the other who had the ball telling them to give it to Noah so he could take it with him. We thanked them but declined so they could keep playing, and we have lots of basketballs at home.

There have been times on this trip already where I was frustrated with groups of teenagers who couldn’t seem to keep their language or volume at a PG level in public spaces with kids around, so it was extra nice to see these boys not only be respectful that way, but also be kind enough to include a much younger boy. I remember what it was like to have older kids include me in things when I was little, always made me feel good and a bit more grown up. Watching the smile on Noah’s face and the excitement when we got back and he told Jen the story was heart warming. Thank you boys!

Splashing in the Pool

We took the kids down to the local community pool this afternoon. Jen and I were sitting on the side with our legs in while the kids were swimming around. A chair opened up in the shade so I got up and moved over there.

Shortly after a little girl started splashing Noah in the face repeatedly right in front of Jen. Noah wouldn’t say anything but obviously didn’t like it so Jen said very politely, “Excuse me I don’t think he wants to be splashed.” She looked at Jen and stopped. “Thank you.”

Immediately the little girl proceeded to splash Jen, soaking her pretty well. As calm as can be, while obviously upset, Jen gets up and starts drying herself. “And I definitely didn’t want to be splashed!”

Meanwhile at a safe distance away in the shade I had a good laugh 🙂

Afternoon in Chester Nova Scotia

Yesterday afternoon we took a drive into Chester Nova Scotia. It’s a beautiful village right on the coast. There is a neat little beach that we like there called Freda’s Beach. It’s not very big, but the view is lovely and the kids like playing in the water and finding creatures like star fish and crabs. It was a nice relaxing day. I didn’t go in the water at the beach but laid around watching the kids play.

Right across the street from the beach is Chester public pool called Lido pool. It is an outdoor salt water pool right on the water. You can swim out to the far wall and look out over water.

Another Fun Moncton Day

We had another fun day in Moncton today. If their winters didn’t seem to be at least as bad as ours if not worse I’d consider moving here at some point. I mean I was born in Moncton so it would sort of like be coming home.

We did a bit of back to school shopping first thing this morning, but then we were able to enjoy the rest of the day. We went to Centennial Park and to their “beach” they have there. It is a pool with sand brought in around it. The kids really enjoyed it. On the way out we stopped at the splash pad they have there as well. As long as they are wet that’s all that matters.

This evening we went back to the beach. We had a photography session booked with a friend of ours on Parlee Beach. It was a perfect evening for being on the beach and I think we are going to end up with some awesome family pictures.

We’re already looking at booking another weekend getaway here even if it might not be until next summer.

Day Ten – Last Night on the Road

On day ten we made our way back to Maine to spend one last night in a hotel. Not sure I’m ready for all this fun to end, but I can’t wait for my own bed. 

There was a lot of driving today but we made a number of stops to beak it up. Our first stop was to a Mass EZPass customer service station to get an account. We should have done it at the beginning of the trip but at least now our next visit we won’t have to worry about having enough money for tolls and we will be able to blow through the toll booths!

From there we went into Hingham Mass to have an early lunch as Wahlburgers. The timing was perfect as we were there shortly after it opened and it wasn’t busy yet. Jen is a little obsessed, but the food is good. 

Our next stop was to be Hampton Beach. We made it there in good time but at the beach it took us about an hour to get near the beach and find parking. Looks like everyone else wanted to go there too. We finally found a spot but it wasn’t on the main beach, it was down further and not nearly as nice. There was next to no sand area and a fair amount of sea weed. The kids had fun though and it was nice to sit on the beach. 

Whenever we get down this way we try to stop in and see Jen’s Aunt Claire. Thankfully we were able to get a quick visit in with her and Jen’s cousin as well. 

As a treat we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for supper and a bit of play time. I had gone as a kid and remembered it being fun, but only very vague memories. The kids had a blast and the pizza wasn’t terrible either. 

We made it to the final hotel around 8:30pm. While Jen got Noah ready for bed I took the kids to the pool to cool off and stretch, relax a bit before bed. It seemed to work as everyone went to sleep quick. That’s good because there was an early wake up call to head home.