Day Ten – Last Night on the Road

On day ten we made our way back to Maine to spend one last night in a hotel. Not sure I’m ready for all this fun to end, but I can’t wait for my own bed. 

There was a lot of driving today but we made a number of stops to beak it up. Our first stop was to a Mass EZPass customer service station to get an account. We should have done it at the beginning of the trip but at least now our next visit we won’t have to worry about having enough money for tolls and we will be able to blow through the toll booths!

From there we went into Hingham Mass to have an early lunch as Wahlburgers. The timing was perfect as we were there shortly after it opened and it wasn’t busy yet. Jen is a little obsessed, but the food is good. 

Our next stop was to be Hampton Beach. We made it there in good time but at the beach it took us about an hour to get near the beach and find parking. Looks like everyone else wanted to go there too. We finally found a spot but it wasn’t on the main beach, it was down further and not nearly as nice. There was next to no sand area and a fair amount of sea weed. The kids had fun though and it was nice to sit on the beach. 

Whenever we get down this way we try to stop in and see Jen’s Aunt Claire. Thankfully we were able to get a quick visit in with her and Jen’s cousin as well. 

As a treat we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for supper and a bit of play time. I had gone as a kid and remembered it being fun, but only very vague memories. The kids had a blast and the pizza wasn’t terrible either. 

We made it to the final hotel around 8:30pm. While Jen got Noah ready for bed I took the kids to the pool to cool off and stretch, relax a bit before bed. It seemed to work as everyone went to sleep quick. That’s good because there was an early wake up call to head home. 

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