River Tubing

Saturday started out great, and it just continued right along that way. The rain cleared up and made way for gorgeous weather. We took advantage and with a group of other families headed out to float down a river.

One of the fun things to do in the summer here is to tube down the Gaspereau River. When the water level is high enough you can rent large inner tubes and use them to usually have a nice relaxing trip down the river. It seems like each time I go though there is a bit of a mishaps that makes it a fun adventure.

Last year a couple friends and I took a lunch break from work to go, left one car at the bottom and then drove mine to the beginning. When we arrived at the bottom there were no keys to the car we left. We thought for sure they were somewhere at the bottom of the river. Luckily after we called for a ride back to my car, the keys were sitting there on the seat. Lunch ran a little long that day.

Today we took some inflatable boats with us so that we could ride together with the kids and try to stay a bit dryer than having our butts sitting in the river through the tubes. We did rent a couple for Alexandria and her friend though. There were two kinds of boats, three larger ones, and three smaller ones. On the first trip down one of the smaller boats that Ella and her friend were in, and was tied together with our boat, ended up catching some branches on the side and tore a hole in it.

It didn’t take long before it was deflated and the kids were in the water. We were able to get them situated into other boats but not without one of our friends losing his hat to the river in the struggle.

Shortly into the second trip down another one of the smaller boats manged to get a hole and deflate. It was our friend who lost his hat and he was tied to another boat and was their navigator. But he opted to walk back up the river as the boats all left him behind pretty quick. Another took over as navigator for them and he went down the river on a tube with two boats tied to him keeping them on course.

We had a lot of sun, water, and even more laughs. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

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