Day Eight – Chesapeake Beach and Fireworks

Yesterday was Independence Day. What an opportunity being right next to the Nations Capital. Someday I might look back and regret our decision to stay out of downtown Washington DC for the day, but we had a great day anyway. 

The weather was off and on raining all day. At some points it came down very heavy. We didn’t want to chance getting soaked or the crowds for either the parade in the afternoon or the fireworks at night. Instead we headed towards the Beaches on Chesapeake Bay. 

As we were driving there we actually stopped for a long time trying to decide what els to do because the rain was coming down so hard. We took the kids shopping again though and by the time we came out it looked good so we continued on. 

When we arrived the weather was great but we had a surprise at the cost to enter the beach. We could have likely drive. Further and found a free area, but the weather was good now. So we sucked it up and had a lovely time playing in the water and sand. The water was so warm. After spending days walking around it was a treat to relax in the sun and sand. 

We came back to the B&B andade some pizza for supper, got the kids all clean and went to watch the fireworks put on in College Park at the University of Maryland. They were really close to where we are staying and we heard good things about them too. 

From what I can tell it was the right move. We arrived a bit early but ended up with a great parking place that was easy to get out of at the end. The Fireworks display was brilliant and long and we had a great view from where we were and not a huge crowd. 

Shortly into the show Noah was so tired though he was asking to go home and go to bed. Even sitting on my shoulders was not able to keep him content and he loves it up there. I was thankful for the quick drive back. 

Even though we didn’t take in any of the big events we had a great July 4th in the USA. 


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