Day Nine – Starting Home

Vacation is starting to wrap up. We left the awesome B&B and started the drive back home. On the drive we changed up plans. We were going to drive around NYC but changed it up so we went straight through instead. There was certainly a lot more traffic than we were used to but Jen sailed through no problem. 

The reason we changed was so we could head over to Point Pleasant Beach on New Jersey. We didn’t go onto the beach though we checked out the Jenkins Aquarium there instead. The beach looked amazing though and I was tempted to go spend some time there. The plan is also to go to Hampton Beach on the way home though so I resisted.

The reviews we read about it were bang on. It was small and quick to go through but it was really nice as well. It was a great way to break up our drive and the cost wasn’t as high as some of the larger aquariums. The kids loved seeing the penguins get fed. The sharks were swimming all around and the seals as well. 

The one thing we ran into was parking there. Of course it was a Sunday on a Holiday weekend but some places were charging $25 and up to $60. If we were heading to the beach all day $25 would be fine but we were only stopping for a bit. We ended up finding parking for $2 at the train station. It was a bit of a walk but not too far at all. Well I actually paid $4 because I chose two days instead of one. 


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