Moncton Long Weekend

This weekend Jen ended up having a long weekend thanks to August 3rd being a civic holiday. She doesn’t get a lot of days off aside from a week or so in the summer and Christmas so we took advantage and decided to take a weekend getaway to Moncton New Brunswick. Moncton is only about three hours away from home so it’s not real far, but perfect for a weekend.

With my sister and her family we grabbed a AirBnB deal with two units in the same house right on the river. The cool thing is we can walk down to the river and look across to my Grandparents old home. It’s the place we used to come and stay whenever we visited.

We wanted to leave at a good time this morning, but I still managed to get a 5K run in before we left. I got home just as Jen was getting up so I quick got showered and we got things ready to go.

We made it here in time to have a picnic lunch in the park and the kids stretched their legs on the playground after the drive. The leg stretching did me good too. Then we were ready to check in so we stopped off long enough get people changed and put our cold stuff from the cooler into the fridge and headed to the beach.

Growing up on this same shore which is on the Northumerland Straight I knew the beaches were nice. The most famous is Parlee Beach but I don’t remember coming here at all. The beach we went to was in New Glasgow Nova Scotia callled Melberby Beach. The Northumberland Straight has some fairly warm waters because it is fairly short distance across to Prince Edward Island. Taking some advice though we went to Aboiteau Beach instead of Parlee because parking was cheaper and it is usually less crowded.

It ended up being really cheap because all the paid parking area was full so we had to park a little ways away in the free parking and walk down to the beach. It was pretty crowded but it was still beautiful and we were able to find a spot to sit no problem still.

We made arrangements to meet up with friends who came down from Northern New Brunswick to have a beach day with us. As soon as we walked onto the beach though Jen’s cousins were there with their kids so we got to talk with them for a while too. Later on more friends came to spend some time with us who live really close to the beach. We had as many people on the beach with us here as we do when we arrange something at the beach at home. It was a great day!

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