Runner’s World Run Streak – AKA Senff’s Bootcamp

Runner’s World has a holiday run streak challenge that it does. This is heavily US based so it runs from their Memorial Day May 25th until July 4th. That’s 41 days where you commit to running at least 1 mile each day.

One of my co-workers, Senff, recruited a few of us to join him in this and he ran a tight ship. I wasn’t sure I’d really be able to do it, as I usually require some rest days and I planned on doing some other fairly heavy exercising as well. In the end 1 mile works out to be only about 1.6 km, so I decided I would do at least 2 km each day and joined in.

There were a few days where I found it really tough to go out, but being with friends kept me going. I didn’t always live up to Senff’s expectations, but I did at least 2 km every day. Total I ran 178 km over the 41 days for an average of 4.3 km a day.

This was a great way to build the habit of running again. It took a bit of planning, especially around days when doing a big bike ride or something like that. I had to plan out a few days of only 2 km runs and time them so I’d be good to do the rest of what I had planned.

In the past couple weeks Noah has started coming with me as well about 5 times a week. So far he’s running anywhere from 2 – 4 km with me. It’s fun to have him with me. On days he’s running he gets up and gets dressed for running right away, and as soon as I’m ready to go, so is he.

There was one weird aspect of this challenge that I allowed to get to me. Because I knew I had to run each day, I didn’t really push myself to run further, or faster. I did some, but never pushed it as far as I could. I was scared I’d hurt myself, or it would ruin the next days run, and never ran more than 7.5k.

During the whole challenge I never ran a 5k run in under 30 minutes. As today as the last day and I don’t feel the absolute need to run tomorrow, though I probably will, I pushed it. I managed to run a full 10k in under 1 hour.

Though a few times it felt like a real chore, I’m glad I was pushed to keep going and was able to complete this streak and fell good about running again.

Fitness update

Fitness update

Back near the beginning of August I wrote about my fitness and plans to get back into a good routine and health. Today I hit a couple milestones so I thought I would give a quick update.

My main goals were to keep my physical activities varied and not only doing one thing. For both biking and running I set some minor goals for myself.

With biking my goal was to be able to make it from the bottom of our hill to the top without stopping. On September 1st I completed that though very slowly.

Since then I haven’t done a lot of biking as I’ve been concentrating on my running. My goal was to be able to run the Valley Harvest Marathon 5K race in under 30 minutes. When I started running again in August it seemed like a long ways away. That race was this morning and I did it.

Another fun milestone that came today was when I jumped on the scale I am now down 30lbs since April of this year. That is when I started but had a few big up and downs before I finally really buckled down in August.

There is still more work to go but I’m finally feeling like I’m back in a good routine with both my eating and activity levels.

Worldwide WordPress 5k

During the Grand Meetup one of the events organized was the wwwp5k, a Worldwide WordPress 5k. It’s something that has been going on for few years now where WordPress users can run 5k from anywhere in the world and yet do it together by blogging about the experience. Even though you can do it alone and from anywhere we figured it would be a good chance for a bunch of us to do it together.


It was a chilly rainy day in Whistler BC, but the scenery was beautiful and the company was lovely. It’s been a while since I’ve done much running and being over tired, wet and cold, so things were very slow. It worked out really well though because part way through I met up with a co-worker who I’ve wanted to spend some time with. It allowed us, through long breathes, to chat and come in together.


Every time I get a chance to spend some time and chat with one of my co-workers I’m reminded how amazing each of them are. At the Grand Meetup it is even evident without directly interacting with anyone. The level of organization and planning that goes into this event is mind boggling.

Even this event there was about a large number of us who all came together at 7am to run and walk the course. This year it was also arranged that for each Automattician who ran we would donate to Souls4Soles. Just one more thing to make me proud to be working with all these people and for this company.

Fitbit Observations

So far I’ve been wearing my Fitbit for almost three weeks and have come up with a few interesting observations about it. For the most part I really enjoy tracking everything and having a record, but at the same time there have been parts which have been depressing.

My water intake is really good, I drink plenty each day without even trying. I get more sleep than I thought I did, but I’m not confident in the awake restless times it tracks. It could be something that is built into me from all those years of pretending I was still asleep in the morning so I could get five more minutes before school. Now I’m so good at it Fitbit can’t tell I’m really awake.

There have been a few instances where the GPS when tracking runs has been off by a bit, but nothing enough or frequently enough that will stop me from going to it only for tracking my runs soon.

The biggest observation which I’ve make that is depressing is the lack of movement I do in the run of a day if I don’t specifically force myself to do something extra. Most days I’ll go for a run. A 5k run typically takes me about 30 minutes and I get about 5000 steps in during that time. The rest of the day combined, especially on days I’m working, I struggle to get that other half by the end of the day. If I don’t run it is almost impossible.  The other thing is it is far to easy for me to go grab something extra to eat that I don’t really need.

If I don’t watch myself every single day and be extra vigilant it is now very easy to see why my weight can go up so quickly. Since starting to track I haven’t really lost any weight, but I haven’t gone up either. To get down to where I want to be I’m going to have to cut out the snacks all together and focus on moving even more. It’s probably about time Jillian Michaels and I get reacquainted again.

Snowy Run

Snowy Run

It’s been a couple days since I’d been for a run and I was missing it. The weather has been cold and snowing so I wasn’t looking forward to going out. Today I was missing it though and decided I needed to go out. 

Dressed up in a few layers and put on some of my new winter gear to head out and it was actually really nice. I didn’t feel too cold at all even though it was around -11. There was one short length in my loop where the wind was blowing the snow right in my face and that wasn’t great but other than that I didn’t mind it at all.

Things did go a bit slower as there were some slippery spots and snow built up where the plows hadn’t been by for a while. Took it easy and didn’t fall or even really slip at all. 

Now that I have the first one out of the way, Jen is convinced I’m crazy, but I feel good about heading out running in the snow now. It was actually really relaxing and peaceful. 


Getting Close

Sometime this week I will be hitting my goal of 500km in running. I’m really excited and even though it isn’t really a lot compared to many runners, some weeks it has been a battle to get my 25km in that I needed.

This past week was one of them. I had started out with great intentions to get ahead for the week by running 10km but that didn’t work out. Shortly after starting I had to turn around because I wasn’t feeling well. Self inflicted by eating to much bad food. That caused me to pretty much get all my running in from Wednesday onward. I ran two 10k’s and a 5k with a rest day on Thursday. I much prefer to spread thing a out more but it felt good doing two 10k’s in a week.

Because of that, and the new FitBit, I’ve been doing much better at eating well this week, especially these last two days. It’s been motivation for me to track what I’m eating again. As much as I dislike doing that, with FitBit it is easy and it really keeps me accountable.

Coming Home

This morning we wanted to hit the road early as Ella had dance class at 4:00pm so we wanted to make it back in time for her to not miss that. So the goal was to hit the road by 8:00am so we could have a bit of fun on the way home.

The day before I decided I wanted to take the opportunity to run along the path in Moncton’s Riverfront Park so I made sure I got up lots early and got in 5k there. The sun was rising in front of me, while the moon was still setting behind. There wasn’t another person around until I made it back to my car and someone came and started on the path.


Right before we left home I could feel I was coming down with a cold, thanks Tiff. It’s been zapping my energy level, but it hasn’t mattered a lot because I’ve spent a fair amount of time laying on a beach the past few days. This mornings run however didn’t feel very good. I had a few coughing fits along the way and had to walk a few times.

We were still able to get going right at 8:00 so we headed to Pictou which is close to where I grew up for the most part. It’s on the same shore as the beaches we’ve been on and we stopped at Caribou beach this morning. The water wasn’t nearly as warm as the other two beaches we were at in New Brunswick, but we got in anyway.


Any trip to Pictou County though just isn’t complete with at least one slice of Pizza. Pictou County Pizza is the best pizza there is. Some might argue that, but they would be wrong. Even Jen hadn’t liked it before, but today she tried the best there is from Acropole right in Pictou and I think she has been converted. I’ve been doing really good about eating healthy and proper portion sizes, but I couldn’t pass this up.


It’s so good that UPS now will ship it across Canada. If you want some more info about it The Local Travelers Gillian and Drew wrote about it and even did a video series to find the best pizza in the county.

While we ate our pizza we walked along the Pictou waterfront before we hopped back in the car and made it home in just enough time to get Ella changed and back in the car to get to dance.


Even with my cold this has been one of the best weekends I can remember in a long time. The weather was perfect, the beaches beautiful, and the company with me is the best in the world!


Moncton Long Weekend

This weekend Jen ended up having a long weekend thanks to August 3rd being a civic holiday. She doesn’t get a lot of days off aside from a week or so in the summer and Christmas so we took advantage and decided to take a weekend getaway to Moncton New Brunswick. Moncton is only about three hours away from home so it’s not real far, but perfect for a weekend.

With my sister and her family we grabbed a AirBnB deal with two units in the same house right on the river. The cool thing is we can walk down to the river and look across to my Grandparents old home. It’s the place we used to come and stay whenever we visited.

We wanted to leave at a good time this morning, but I still managed to get a 5K run in before we left. I got home just as Jen was getting up so I quick got showered and we got things ready to go.

We made it here in time to have a picnic lunch in the park and the kids stretched their legs on the playground after the drive. The leg stretching did me good too. Then we were ready to check in so we stopped off long enough get people changed and put our cold stuff from the cooler into the fridge and headed to the beach.

Growing up on this same shore which is on the Northumerland Straight I knew the beaches were nice. The most famous is Parlee Beach but I don’t remember coming here at all. The beach we went to was in New Glasgow Nova Scotia callled Melberby Beach. The Northumberland Straight has some fairly warm waters because it is fairly short distance across to Prince Edward Island. Taking some advice though we went to Aboiteau Beach instead of Parlee because parking was cheaper and it is usually less crowded.

It ended up being really cheap because all the paid parking area was full so we had to park a little ways away in the free parking and walk down to the beach. It was pretty crowded but it was still beautiful and we were able to find a spot to sit no problem still.

We made arrangements to meet up with friends who came down from Northern New Brunswick to have a beach day with us. As soon as we walked onto the beach though Jen’s cousins were there with their kids so we got to talk with them for a while too. Later on more friends came to spend some time with us who live really close to the beach. We had as many people on the beach with us here as we do when we arrange something at the beach at home. It was a great day!

Rest Day

This morning I was able to wake up early the way I like and I got out of bed to go for a run, but my legs and body were telling me otherwise. I was sore and cramped and I guess that makes sense, I pushed it hard for me this week.

I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made in July already getting back into running. I’m back up to 5K and each run was feeling stronger than the last, so today I gave myself a rest day. I guess that’s important to though.

We are getting ready to head away for a long weekend, I’m going to do my best to will myself out of bed in the morning and go running some of the time there too.

Here’s a look at what I’ve done so far this month. I’m still walking a bit during my 5K but it is getting less and less. Last run was only for about 30 seconds.


Thursday Morning Run

Thursday Morning Run

Early morning always used to be my favourite time to run, but the past while I’ve been having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. This morning though I forced myself to get up and out the door. It made me happy, there are less people around, it’s cooler and I get to see views like that sunrise in the picture here.

This was the best run I’ve had in a while. Still a lot slower than I want to be but I only stopped to walk once for about 30 seconds, and just long enough to snap that picture. So far I’ve done 20k this week and my legs are feeling stronger. The weight is starting to come back off as well thanks to this and much improved eating again.