Midweek Check in and I’m Feeling Down

I’ve been feeling really good about my eating this week the same as last week, and I moved to a new week in my workout program that has been kicking my butt. Running has been going just about the same as always. I’m working at getting faster and getting a good number of runs in. So when I hopped on the scale this morning for a midweek check in I was depressed. So far I’ve actually gone up in weight this week.

I’m hoping this was just an off morning and I’m going to keep pushing the same as I have been, but it was pretty demoralizing seeing me go the wrong direction.

Luckily I’ve made pretty good progress the previous weeks so I was on good track to meet my goal, but I don’t know if I can still meet it if I actually go backwards.

Today was going to be a break day from running, but after seeing that I think I better get out there and kick my own butt some more.

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