Noah and Daddy Time

The past few days Noah and I have been able to spend quite a bit of time together. We started the weekend out with Saturday morning basketball. This is his second year in basketball but we switched this year to a new program. This one is part of Jr NBA which includes each kid getting their own smaller basketball and NBA team T-Shirt. Noah got to choose between OKC Thunder, San Antonio Spurs, and Golden State Warriors, he choose the Spurs. There were also the Toronto Raptors to choose from, but they were gone by the time Noah choose. The parents don’t always get involved but this time I did. We practised chest passing back and forth and had a fun game where we had to pass our way across the gym.

We spent most of the rest of Saturday painting Noah’s room. We swapped rooms with Alexandria and let Noah choose a new wall colour. The room was previously pink and blue, two walls of each, Noah kept the blue and choose a green, clean n crisp, for the other two walls. I’m not a fan of painting and for some reason it took us four coats to cover the pink over. In the end he was very happy though so it makes it worth it.

Sunday afternoon he and I went out together on a bit of a shopping date. Each year we take the kids out to pick out Christmas presents for their siblings. It’s pretty early this year to get started but we had an afternoon free and the weeks seem to fly by, so we decided to just do it. When we were done shopping we stopped for a treat of his choice at Tim Hortons.

Noah seems to be really liking math and numbers lately, especially number patterns. The one he really likes is the power of twos. He doesn’t really know what that is but he starts out with 2 + 2, then 4 + 4, then 8 + 8 etc. Tonight he went on sticky notes up to 2^13 (4096 + 4096 = 8192). It seemed to be the perfect opportunity to teach him my cell phone number which ends in 2^10. He was pretty impressed with that and it’s one of the reasons it’s my favourite number I’ve ever had.

Donair Date

For months now we’ve been putting off painting Caile’s room. We had some repair work done to the top of her wall and ceiling so it has been needing done since then. We’ve even had the paint for the whole time. Jen and I finally took the afternoon to get it done. Neither of us are painters but I think it turned out pretty well. Now she has two purple and two green walls.

It seems like I’ve written about donairs a lot on the blog. While I do really enjoy donairs I don’t really eat them very often. Since my month of being really good I’ve been wanting to treat myself with one though. So with that good month and after knocking that off that big item from our todo list we decided to go out for a donair date night.

It might not be super fancy, but anytime Jen and I can go out by ourselves is a big deal. Besides House of Dough makes some delicious donairs. The large just about got the best of me though. But it was so good I had to finish it off. From now on though I think I’ll still with the small as sitting here at home I’m settling in nicely to my meat coma while my arteries harden up just that little bit more.