SupConf in San Francisco

This past week I was extremely fortunate enough to travel to San Francisco to attend the first ever SupConf. It was an incredible couple days getting to spend more time with a group of people all passionate about providing support.

The event was organized by the Support Driven community and held at Automattic Headquarters, which we refer to as Hawthorne. To steal a joke which as been used a few times I’m sure, after a year and a half I finally decided to show up at the office.

I had a hard time adjusting to the time difference this trip for some reason. Each morning I was waking up really early and not able to go back to sleep. It seems my body may have adjusted right when I got home, as now I’m having a hard time getting up each day.

It was also tough to try to find the right balance. As Automattic is a fully distributed company it is always a special time when Automatticians are able to spend time in person together. But being at a conference with a group of people from other great companies who are proud to, and really want to, provide excellent support I wanted to spend time talking with and sharing with them as well.

In all the organizers and speakers all did an amazing job and I left feeling energized and excited. I’ll share more thoughts on the conference itself later on but also wanted to share a some of the pictures I took over the trip. I didn’t take a lot but from the little I was able to see San Francisco is a pretty cool city.

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