Stupidity and Laziness

Back in August 2014 I had reached a big milestone after a lot of hard work. I was so proud of myself and swore I would never go back. At that time I reached my goal weight of under 180lbs after months of hard work and dedication. Things went up and down from there but for a long time I stayed in pretty decent shape. In March 2016 I ran my longest distance ever, 20km. Since then though I’ve been on a pretty steady decline health wise and really broke the promise to myself. I’m getting pretty close to having put back on all the weight I worked so hard to lose in 2014.

For the past bit I’ve been in a pretty big funk, not myself, unhappy. This is a big part of that, though there are other factors of course. Most of them are beyond my control, but my health is solely mine to control. How could I be so stupid and lazy?

Today I went on the incredibly demoralizing task of organizing my closet. Over the past few months I’ve been slowly buying new clothes that fit because I’ve gotten too fat for the ones I had. My closet was getting overrun with clothes because I still had all the clothes that I should fit in but they were making their way to the back of the closet. So today I moved everything out that I no longer fit in and put them into storage under the bed. Time for things to change, again.

Instead of just keeping up with a pretty healthy eating plan and exercise I reverted back to my old ways and now need to go through all the hard work again. Of course as I get older that will likely be even harder than it was almost four years ago.

Last time I blogged and shared on social media constantly about my progress, how far I ran today etc. I won’t put people through that again, especially because it isn’t nearly as meaningful the second time around, but I’ll work hard anyway. I’ve ordered myself a new Fitbit to help me track progress and keep my honest. Last time that sort of tracking was really motivational, I just won’t publicize it so much.

So I’m getting started, again, and hopefully I’ll finally be smart enough to get off this weight roller coaster I’ve been on permanently.

10 thoughts on “Stupidity and Laziness

  1. I’m there with you. Started keto a month ago, and it’s been wonderful. Might be worth looking into. It’s amazing how you don’t feel hungry on it.


  2. Try not to be so hard on yourself! We all go through ups and downs – it’s called life πŸ™‚ The most important part is recognizing that you want to make the change, and working toward your goal.

    “One day or day one. You decide”

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  3. You can do it! And you are not alone. I’ve been slacking on the running, too. And I have a 10k on-the-calendar-and-already-paid-for in April 2018 so I really, REALLY have to get back into things here soon. πŸ™‚


  4. it’s hard to look back and realize you could have made different choices, and health is one of those where “not making any choices” is still a choice. Each step in the right direction is valuable, so major kudos to you for tackling this head on!

    I’m aiming for a 5k next GM as well!

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  5. I’m in the same boat right now too. About time for a gym membership as the cold weather isn’t going to make me want to get out an exercise in the neighborhood. Good luck on your journey!


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