Hot Toddies Don’t Cure Colds

I was hoping that hot toddies would cure this cold I quickly came down with last night but no such luck.  I mean they didn’t hurt anything, and my throat feels a bit better, I think. But I’m still all stuffed up and can’t breath right. Now I’m just hoping that they actually help meContinue reading “Hot Toddies Don’t Cure Colds”

Hillbilly Cappuccino

Recently I picked up an AeroPress coffee maker which is absolutely fantastic. I’ve been making a pile of Americano style coffee. Tonight I tried something different I made a very hurting attempt at a cappuccino. I put some milk in a mason jar and shook the crap out of it. When it was all foamedContinue reading “Hillbilly Cappuccino”

Why you should use

This is something I’ve given some thought to recently as well. Dan does a great job explaining the benefits of If you need a new website you should really check it out. Daniel Danilov After starting working at Automattic, I was surprised just at how little we advertise Sure, we power ~24% ofContinue reading “Why you should use”

Remembering Melba Green

Much of my childhood was spent growing up in a trailer park in rural Nova Scotia. It was very much it’s own little community with all kinds of interesting characters, my family included. One of our neighbors was Melba Green. In many ways she was a stereotypical stay off my lawn kind of seniors. AtContinue reading “Remembering Melba Green”

Pumpkin Pie

Today is my Mother’s Birthday. One of her, and my, favourite things is pumpkin pie, so that is what she is getting today instead of a birthday cake. I’ve made the pie before but this is the first time I’m doing it while making my own pie crust. Previously I’ve always used store bought crusts andContinue reading “Pumpkin Pie”

Beginning of Autumn

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. September starts out as what I call Birthday Month in my house. Three of my children have birthdays this month and so does my Father-in-law. So we get to start off the best season by celebrating for the whole last of the month. My wife enjoys birthdaysContinue reading “Beginning of Autumn”