Feeling Bummed

My dancing daughters are heading out to their last dance competition of the season. Last one I missed as I was traveling with work so was really looking forward to our weekend away and getting to see them dance again.

Plans changed quickly this morning when Noah woke up really early not feeling well. We were going to push through though as we figured he was mostly tired from lack of sleep. After breakfast though he was sick all over so that confirmed it. We’re going to have a father – son weekend, though not a fun one. 

I realized that I never wrote about our last one a few weeks ago when we went to see the Globe-trotters. It was an awesome show and we were able to hang out for the whole day. 

At the end Noah was getting some autographs on his basketball and we caught a couple pictures. Ace was our last person to see and he was excited to have her sign his ball. He then turned around so I could take a picture and I could see his face change. She thought he wanted his shirt signed and signed the back in sharpie! He was not super pleased about it. He was scared we were going to be mad about it because writing on our clothing isn’t a normal thing for us 🙂 I convinced him that it was cool but it wasn’t until Jen told him it was cool that he was really at ease.

Dance Competition Dad

For the past two weekends our family has stepped into the world of dance competitions for the first time. All three of our oldest daughters have been involved with dance at some point. Alexandria no longer does as horse riding has become her main activity. Although Noah loves to shake it around the house hasn’t been interested in following his sisters when we’ve talked with him about it. He’d rather soccer and basketball.

Caile still takes one dance class currently, it’s a musical theatre class as she really enjoys drama and this gives a good mix of that with dance. Ella though I’m pretty sure would dance all day everyday no questions asked.

This year we put her into a dance troupe within her dance company Dance Conxion. They have been practicing and rehearsing a bunch of dances this session and last weekend was the first of dance competition season.

If you had of told me not many years ago that I would be spending my weekends driving to and watching dance competitions I would have called you crazy. So fast forward and seeing the fact that I am actually enjoying myself very much is a shock to me.

I’ve always known dancing is hard and takes a lot of skill, strength, and memory, but these weekends have really blown me away. Watching all these dancers perform dance after dance and pretty much nail it every time is so impressive. At such a young age to be able to do the moves they are doing, remember all the steps for all the songs, and do them in sync and in precision timing, has just blown me away.

I’m still not sure at my age that there is anything in this world I’m as good at as they are at dance at their young age.

Even if Ella and the rest of her fellow dancers weren’t raking in the awards and medals I’d still be proud of what an awesome job they all are doing. I’m very thankful for the dedicated, kind, and creative instructors who have choreographed some wonderful numbers and helped get them to this level.