Cape Split

Cape Split

Today was the first day of my Sabbatical from work. Three months were a all my typical excuses are no longer valid. I have the time and ability to do a bunch of things I’ve been putting off.

I started today with one thing I’ve been putting off for a long time. Not really intentionally, just never prioritized it and fit it in. We live near Cape Split which is a great Provincial Park on the Bay of Fundy. When I was about 12, long before I moved to the Annapolis Valley I went on a hike there. It was a cold rainy day and I didn’t have fun at all. We never made it to the top either. Even though I’ve lived here for almost 20 years and we’ve gone on lots of hikes and trails, I’ve never been back to do Cape Split. This morning I biked to the top.

It is a little more than 6km each way and meant more for hiking then biking, but most of the trail is pretty good. There are a number of spots I needed to walk over some big roots that I didn’t think I’d make it over though. It was worth the trip and I’ll be going back and hiking it for sure.

This is just the start. I have a list of things around the house I’ve been putting off, but will now get done, and I’m going to continue building the good habits to get myself into shape. I’ve been doing well for a few months now in the last 80 days I’ve had 56 I’ve considered a success by getting enough exercise and eating healthy. There have only been 6 days that I consider a failure in that time. I still have work to do though and and will be putting in the effort.

Will Power

Early on when I started running I found that I must not have the strongest will power. When ever I would run a loop that either took me past my house or past my car multiple times it made it very easy for me to stop earlier than I wanted to. I learned to start making and taking routes that were either out and back or large enough loops that I didn’t go past an escape option many times.

Today I took a break from work to go for a run so I didn’t want to waste time by driving somewhere to do it. Especially when I have basically an exact 1km route right outside my door. My aim was to do 4-5km but after my third loop my legs felt like they were dying so I took my out and quit.

In my head I’m rationalizing it and trying to make excuses. That one hill that you have to go up in this loop just wore you out more. That fast run you did yesterday left your legs more sore than usual. Moving to the next work outs in your series last night took it’s toll on you. It could be the case that all these things added up to why my legs were sore, but when you come right down to it if I had run a different route even if I stopped running I would have still had to walk back.

Even with all the excuses I know why I stopped using the loop past my house, because I gave up to early many times, not just when I had excuses like today. That is certainly I need to work on because this loop is pretty convenient and I shouldn’t let things like that stop me from reaching my real goals.