A tale of two sisters

A tale of two sisters

We woke up to find out that schools are closed again today, the third day in a row, due to snow and road conditions.

Noah was up first can came to check if there was school and was excited about the news and delivered the news to two of his sisters. He came back to let us know how they took it describing and acting it out at the same time.

Ella, in a depressed voice asked, really? Then hung her head in disappointment and walked back into her room.

Caile, excited with a smile, gave an approving nod of the head and declared, good I’m going back to bed.

Friends Christmas Party

Friends Christmas Party

Last night we had our annual friends gift exchange party. We have an awesome group of close friends and there are a lot of kids in the mix. We decided a number of years back we’d draw names so each kid bought one small gift for one of the other kids.

The best part of this though isn’t the gifts it’s the time we get together with each other to celebrate, eat to much food and treats, and watch the kids open all the gifts.

Ella received the game Pie in the Face Showdown so her and Noah tested it out today. She was pretty thrilled getting to pie her brother!



Happy Birthday Tiffany!

Today is my oldest sisters birthday! I’d make fun of her for getting old, but seeing as I’m her older brother that probably wouldn’t work very good.

We had a fun time celebrating her with her tonight and trying to recreate her first birthday. Here she is at age 1 and then some years after that 😉


New Delicious Snack

My sister recently went through a big round of canning things and lucky me I got to benefit without doing any of the work. The main thing she did was a bunch of homemade salsa.

We’ve already gone through a couple jars ourselves because it is very yummy. I was searching for something to use with it besides nacho chips so I could eat a whole bunch and saw someone recommend cucumber. I’ve been eating this for a snack the past few days and I love it. The slices of cucumber work almost like nacho chips except they are much healthier, but they still taste great.

Not sure what I’ll do when I run out of this tasty salsa but maybe store bought will have to do. For now though I’ve found my go to snack I’d say.

Lots of Salsa
Wish this was all mine

My Sister’s Home

Today has been busy day. We have friend’s down staying with us for the night from New Brunswick with their family so we spent the afternoon and night with them. We took all the kids swimming in the afternoon. It started raining on us for a while but only a bit. They were in the water anyway so getting wet didn’t matter. When the thunder started though we decided it was best to get out.

My sister and her husband are also here for a visit. They flew in late last night and I was able to see them and meet my nephew for the first time! My nephew is Finney and he’s a pretty nice guy. Our cat Zeus doesn’t care for him a whole lot though. It’s so nice to have them home with us for a while. It’s going to be a fun few weeks.


Trip to the Park, Sort of

Plans don’t always work out the way you intend. The rest of my family had plans to go to Hennigars Farm Market today. They were going to have a little treasure hunt for the kids and feed the animals they have.

Last minute I realized they were getting ready to leave just shortly before I was going to finish off work anyway, so I snuck away a bit early and went with them. We made it there just shortly before my sister and her family so we went into the farm market to pick up a bit of fresh vegetables first.

While we were at the cash my sister came in with a horrible scowl on her face. While she was getting the kids out one of them slammed the door. The doors were locked and her purse was on the floor inside. Yup locked out.

When we were running though options she decided that either both sets of keys were in her purse or there was one at her house on the kitchen counter. I ran back to her house to check, but they weren’t there. She ended up having to call a tow company who sent someone out to get her in.

So I missed most of the time at the park but I did get back in time to watch the kids feed the fish and the guy get her back into the van. It’s pretty amusing because she has had to call someone to get her into her vehicle more times than anyone else I know. Why would you carry around both sets of keys for a vehicle?

Nothing like family

After doing really well for a while after finishing my last round of meds Saturday I took a big step back. Monday I was able to get in to see my family doctor and she said it is quite common for this to come back so she immediately prescribed antibiotics again. 

To be sure it was the same thing though she also told me to send a stool sample to the hospital for testing. I was going to try running it there today but am feeling just horrible. Thankfully my sister offered to take it in for me. 

Family, always willing to do anything for you. Even deliver a bag of your poo.