Life’s Crossroads

Throughout life there are always moments and decisions that can have drastic impact on where we end up depending on the choices that are made at that time. Everyone can think of examples of these: What if I had gone backpacking across Europe instead of going to College? What if I never took that jobContinue reading “Life’s Crossroads”

More thoughts on relationship building

I’ve been thinking more about my post the other day building relationships and how I can apply it to my work. When I wrote that post and was thinking about it I was coming more from the personal side. Building relationships with people I meet  or interact with. Why not look at it from aContinue reading “More thoughts on relationship building”

My family went to Ottawa and all I got was this colostomy

Each year we try to take our family on some sort of vacation. Lots of times it’s somewhere fairly close by but other years when we can we try to go a bit further. Usually my wife and I decide where to go and what fun things to do while we’re there. Typically Jen does most ofContinue reading “My family went to Ottawa and all I got was this colostomy”