Happy 10th birthday Noah

Happy 10th birthday Noah

Today may youngest child turns 10 years old. That makes me feel both old and happy. I’m so proud of all my kids and the people they are growing into.

I’m sure this won’t last many more years but for now he is one of my best friends. Soon he’ll get too old and not want anything to do with his old dad. So for now I’ll take all the time I can to be with and play with him.

His sense of humour, his kindness, his confidence, and his determination, all things that can inspire me to be a better person and father for him.

Jen wrote a great post earlier as well which says things better than I do.

I was so glad the Grand Meetup didn’t overlap with his birthday this year so we could be here to celebrate with him. Thankfully the one year I was away from him on it my co-workers helped me wish him a birthday wishes.

I gathered a few pictures of Noah and I together over the years and saved them to this Google Photo Album if you want to check out how cute he is https://photos.app.goo.gl/adCDEZKT7cdbDWSc8

That proud teary eyed feeling

Tonight I was digging through Noah’s backpack looking for his homework book that goes back and forth between school. It wasn’t there, but I found a little piece of paper buried underneath his snow pants.

Apparently a few weeks ago as part of a smaller group of the class they did an exercise where they each said something nice about the other people in the group. Some of the things written made me feel so proud and to tear up a bit.

He likes including everyone.

He’s kind and makes people happy when they’re sad.

On a scale of 1 to 10 if someone is below a 5 he brings them up to 10.

It’s incredibly nice to hear that others see the kind thoughtful boy that I see and know.

All out in the open

All out in the open

Yesterday our home moved into a new era. One where none of the kids believe in things like the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, and the Tooth Fairy. Just a couple weeks ago Jen and I had been talking saying that it likely wouldn’t be very much longer before Noah was questioning about these things.

As it turns out our 7 year old came down stairs yesterday morning and was talking with Jen. He said you know who comes tomorrow night, the Easter Bunny. He then followed up immediately with, but he isn’t real right Mom? He quickly moved on to other things though and Jen waited until I was around and started the conversation back up with him.

He wasn’t shocked and took it in stride, as if he had always known. “Yeah it didn’t make much sense, I mean the doors are all locked, how would a bunny get in here?” This is the same for Santa too right? It’s just you and Dad.” “Who eats the things we leave out for them?” Later on Jen told me he took a turn with his new discovery telling her that he wanted his teeth back and that he knew she had them.

When I questioned him back about it asking if Jen and I were really that nice to do all the things the Easter Bunny, Santa, and the Tooth Fairy do he very casually said yeah, and reiterated that nothing else really made sense. He’s our youngest kid to ask and that didn’t surprise me a whole lot. He likes to know how things work and there are quite few holes in the stories.

Alex’s Spring Concert

Last night we got to go to Alex’s Spring Concert at school. Before hand Alex was very excited to go, when she got home from school she right away wanted to go and get changed into her concert cloths, even though it didn’t start until 6:30 pm. For a couple weeks Alex had been practicing her songs at night time and she did very well singing away in front of everyone with her class.

The theme for their concert was Assignment Earth – What kids can do to save the planet”. The school celebrated 1000 projects over 16 years that involved helping to save the earth. Pretty impressive as they started long before going green was promoted in the main stream media.

When we got home last night Alex was still singing one of her songs called “Driving Miss Daisy”, it was pretty cute.

Alex’s Skating Carnival

Last Friday was Alex’s Spring Skating Carnival. This is where all the kids get to showcase the things they’ve learned though out the skating year.

Even though this is her first year in the Can-Skate program she has advanced to level four already. Alex’s group did their routine to “Dancing in the Rain”. They did a fantastic job at remembering the whole routine and skated it very well.

Alex also received one of only three awards given out at the Carnival. It was for most Spirited Skater. She is very proud (and rightly so) of her new Gold Medal.

Ella is Two!!

Wow time really flies. Our youngest baby Ella is two today.

We had a great birthday party for her yesterday. Lots of family and some friends came over to celebrate with her. She was quite excited. She woke up from her nap to find the house decorated with balloons and streamers and just kept saying “wow!”

Ella was very happy with her Max and Ruby birthday cake. Dairy Queen did a great job decorating it for us even though when we called to order it they didn’t know who Max and Ruby were. We took in a picture for them and it turned out very nice. Not like some of the scary ones we found online, example 1 and example 2.

Unlike Caile who gets very shy when everyone sings happy birthday to her, Ella was basking in all her attention. She blew her candle out once, but that wasn’t good enough for her, so we lit it again for her hahaha.

The party went very smooth even though there were quite a few people in our place, and being smart this time and using disposable dishes make clean up go much quicker. We were in for a small fright when a neighbour knocked on the door saying he might have hit one of the cars that was parked on the side of the road. Luckily it must have been some ice he heard crunching because there didn’t appear to be any damage.

The other funny thing was that when we were finally getting everyone ready for bed we went to look for Ella’s new Dora tooth brush we bought her for her birthday, but it was no where to be found. We then realized that we forgot to bring out the gifts that Jen and I had bought her, so there were still all wrapped hiding in our closet. Oh well now she will have something to open on her actual birthday.

Happy Birthday Ella!

Alex’s Site Updated

After a friendly reminder I finally got to the long over due task of updating Alexandria’s portion of the website.

It was severely outdated, with a picture from when she was five, and her age and grade a year outdated.

We also go her to update the things she likes and her best friends.

Since Alex got her own digital camera for Christmas she has been taking lots of pictures. So sometime in the near future I will be adding her own photo gallery to her page, along with a few other updates.

You can view her page as it is now at alex.themcfaddens.ca