I don’t care what you call her

We were in Costco today and Noah saw someone he knows from school. It’s funny because Costco is over an hour away but we almost always run into someone we know.  As we walked past Noah said “Hi Lara” I asked, is her name Laura?  The store was busy and it was hard to hear. Continue reading “I don’t care what you call her”

Weekend Emergency Room

Heading out in the middle of a cold, snowy Saturday night to take a child to the emergency room is never a fun thing. Oh wait it’s Sunday morning, I always forget the day changes even if you don’t sleep. Poor Alexandria seems to be suffering from a migraine, at least that is our bestContinue reading “Weekend Emergency Room”

My Daughters and Their Dolls

For Christmas this year Caile and Ella each wanted one of the 18 inch dolls which some of their friends had. I figured they were a little old for dolls and that they would quickly get bored of them and they would end up at the back of the closet or somewhere similar. So farContinue reading “My Daughters and Their Dolls”

Four Year Old Burn

Yesterday I left work a bit early to meet up with the rest of my family for an ice cream after school. My oldest, in a new school for grade nine this year, was proud to tell me she joined her first extra curricular club. She wanted me to guess what she had joined though.Continue reading “Four Year Old Burn”

2014 Family Vacation

We made it through our big family vacation this year. I figured I’d try to write out a bit of an overview of what we did. There was so much packed into a short time that it could be easy to forget if I don’t get it down somewhere. Day 1 – Traveling Day IContinue reading “2014 Family Vacation”