Very Modest

Ella and I went out on a Christmas shopping date today. When we were sitting having a treat I tried sneaking a picture of her. She asked if I just took a picture of her but I jokingly denied it. She came and looked at my phone and I showed her the pictures I took. She gave me a bit of an irritate look so I explained I just couldn’t help it she’s so cute. Her response:

Well you got that part right!

Turning Around A Bad Mood

For the last few days I’ve been letting little things, unimportant things, build up and let them get me down. I know full well these things are temporary and are dwarfed by all the great positive things in my life but for some reason let them get to me anyway.

Not today! I let them go today and start again. Today is my oldest’s birthday. She is turning 15 and we are going to celebrate with her friends and our family. It’s a beautiful fall day and we are going to do it outside at my parents house in the country.

While the rest of the family went out to get things ready there, me and my little guy ran some errands and finished up the last bit here at the house.

We did so good for time that we took a little break to relax in the sun with a little treat. It’s easy to turn around a bad mood with days like this.