Snowman love, as long as it’s indoors

My wife hates winter, and in particular snow. That’s pretty rough seeing as we live where we do. It’s turned into a running joke with all the kids she looks after and their families. Snow really is a four letter word. Whenever it snows the kids laugh and say Jen’s going to be so mad,Continue reading “Snowman love, as long as it’s indoors”

Some presents I enjoy, others not so much

Last night after coming home from our family dinner at my Mom’s house we put Noah to bed and we took the time to enjoy one of our family gifts. We were given the board game PayDay. I don’t recall ever playing it before, but Jen loved it when she was little. Alex was upContinue reading “Some presents I enjoy, others not so much”

Our Typical Christmas Schedule

Seems we’re full of Christmas traditions. We have a almost set in stone schedule for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.  It works out well so we can spend lot of time with everyone. Christmas Day is also my Mother In Laws birthday. So we get up in the morning and my in lawsContinue reading “Our Typical Christmas Schedule”

Christmas Eve Gift Tradition

For the past few years we started a new Christmas Eve tradition. We do up one special gift for each kid and let them open it. The gifts all include the same things and are meant for use tonight. Here’s a play by play of my son opening his. A new snowman book! New SantaContinue reading “Christmas Eve Gift Tradition”

Disturbing Wakeup Call

As any parent knows broken sleep is pretty par for the course. There are still many nights when some kid will come into our room having a nightmare, or they aren’t feeling well. This past while has been fairly bad because of a round of colds going through the house. It seems there has beenContinue reading “Disturbing Wakeup Call”

Christmas Café with Hot Chocolate

Tonight at our Church we held our annual Christmas Café. We get together with friends, very talented people get up and perform, and there are snacks and hot chocolate for everyone. This year my two youngest Daughters Caile and Ella along with my twin nieces decided they would sing The First Noel. They did aContinue reading “Christmas Café with Hot Chocolate”

My family went to Ottawa and all I got was this colostomy

Each year we try to take our family on some sort of vacation. Lots of times it’s somewhere fairly close by but other years when we can we try to go a bit further. Usually my wife and I decide where to go and what fun things to do while we’re there. Typically Jen does most ofContinue reading “My family went to Ottawa and all I got was this colostomy”