Always Something

It really seems like there is just one thing after another that comes along. Just two weeks ago it was poor Alex at the hospital with an awful migraine. Last night it was Caile’s turn to end up there because she had a bumps all over her. It started with just a couple but beforeContinue reading “Always Something”

Natural History Museum – Dinosaur Exhibit

We’ve been trying for a while now to find the time on a weekend to get into Halifax to do something fun with the kids and get some errands done at the same time. It seems like there has just been one thing or another get in the way though. There have been a fewContinue reading “Natural History Museum – Dinosaur Exhibit”

Weekend Emergency Room

Heading out in the middle of a cold, snowy Saturday night to take a child to the emergency room is never a fun thing. Oh wait it’s Sunday morning, I always forget the day changes even if you don’t sleep. Poor Alexandria seems to be suffering from a migraine, at least that is our bestContinue reading “Weekend Emergency Room”

Wintery Wet Basketball

We were looking for something to do today that would get is outside. The temperatures were above freezing, even if just barely, so we wanted to take advantage. We talked about going for a walk, or to a playground, but Noah decided he wanted to play basketball. We didn’t know what the court would beContinue reading “Wintery Wet Basketball”

My Daughters and Their Dolls

For Christmas this year Caile and Ella each wanted one of the 18 inch dolls which some of their friends had. I figured they were a little old for dolls and that they would quickly get bored of them and they would end up at the back of the closet or somewhere similar. So farContinue reading “My Daughters and Their Dolls”

11th Wedding Anniversary 

Eleven years ago today I was nice and warm waking up in a cheap hotel room in New Orleans. We had just flown in the day before, leaving extremely cold weather behind. We had a couple delays on the way which meant we missed most of the offices where we could get our marriage licence.Continue reading “11th Wedding Anniversary¬†“

2015 Starting out big

2014 was a very good year and 2015 seems like it is going to continue right along. We started last night with a great group of friends and family coming over with their kids to our house for a get together. We had good snacks and conversation. The kids had a good time, playing, watchingContinue reading “2015 Starting out big”

Good Christmas Gift Idea

In my Boxing Day Reflection post I mentioned that I wanted to get more gifts that instead of being physical things would be things that build memories and experiences. It’s not like we don’t do any of this now I just want to do more of it in the future. For the past few nightsContinue reading “Good Christmas Gift Idea”