Went way backwards

Thus has been a brutal winter, but it seems like it is finally turning to Spring. We’ve had a lot of snow melt away and I’m finally able to see some grass in some places of my yard. 

Not only was there a lot of snow but I also let this winter be an excuse to fall away from all the good habits I had built for myself. I’ve been scared to get on a scale because I know I’ve gained a bunch of weight back. 

This last Sunday it made things very evident when I put on a shirt I hadn’t worn in a while and it barely fit. I probably shouldn’t have worn it really. That’s when I decided to change and get back into my good habits. 

First thing is I’ve really cleaned my eating back up. I’m eating good food and healthy portions. I’m not constantly snacking on crap food. 

I’ve only gotten a couple workouts in so far though because when I woke up Monday it was like my body was punishing me for not giving it the junk it was craving and making it work so hard during the workouts. 

I’ve had a headache since then and haven’t been sleeping well at nights. It’s taken a toll on my family life isn’t the evenings and I haven’t done enough excersise either. 

Thanks to my awesome job I don’t have to go anywhere to work so I’ve been able to pop some painkillers and work away. I do hope that I sleep tonight though and wake up with no head pain so I can get feel like myself again.