Getting Up Early and Being Vulnerable

Not long ago there was a time when I always was up early and before anyone else in the house. That time I would use to go out and get an early morning run in before the day began. When days started getting shorter and the mornings were much darker I fell away from thatContinue reading “Getting Up Early and Being Vulnerable”

Saving Money

Besides vacations it’s been years since I’ve purposely set aside money to save for something I’ve wanted. It’s always been much easier to somehow justify and throw it on a credit card and worry about paying it off afterwards.  Luckily for the most part I don’t usually  spend much money on myself, but I doContinue reading “Saving Money”

Home Again

Not sure where to complain. I came out of my room this morning and there wasn’t a never ending supply of breakfast foods or buckets of coffee waiting for me. When I mentioned it to my wife she wasn’t very receptive to my problem.  Although being in Park City Utah with my co-workers for aContinue reading “Home Again”

Dropping Everything

Not sure what’s happening with me lately, but I seem to have become very clumsy or something in the past couple weeks. Things keep spilling when I touch them make a big mess. It started with me spilling my freshly made large travel mug of coffee all over the counter and floor when I wasContinue reading “Dropping Everything”

Taking a break

Spent some of the afternoon running around getting errands taken care that need done before we head out on vacation.  The last thing was to drop off Ella at dance class. Almost right across the street is a provincial park. It makes a great place to sit in the sun with a good book andContinue reading “Taking a break”

Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Originally posted on Office Today:
Another gorgeous day out today. I took advantage and spent a while working outside at my favourite cafe in town TAN Coffee. Fresh air and good coffee make the work day even better! Kentville might not be as exotic as some of my co-workers “offices” at but it still felt great today! Office TodayContinue reading “Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada”

Hillbilly Cappuccino

Recently I picked up an AeroPress coffee maker which is absolutely fantastic. I’ve been making a pile of Americano style coffee. Tonight I tried something different I made a very hurting attempt at a cappuccino. I put some milk in a mason jar and shook the crap out of it. When it was all foamedContinue reading “Hillbilly Cappuccino”