Week One Summary

It always seems easiest to take off weight in the very beginning when you start working I find. This week seems to be no exception. I’ve been working hard and making sure I eat right, except for a couple small lapses, but even those were minor really. This week I put in five 5k morningContinue reading “Week One Summary”

My family went to Ottawa and all I got was this colostomy

Each year we try to take our family on some sort of vacation. Lots of times it’s somewhere fairly close by but other years when we can we try to go a bit further. Usually my wife and I decide where to go and what fun things to do while we’re there. Typically Jen does most ofContinue reading “My family went to Ottawa and all I got was this colostomy”

So little time, so much work

Currently I’m in my third week of working two jobs and so far things are going pretty well, but I don’t think it’s anything I could handle long term. Working all day then going home and working some more makes for long days. Throw in working close to full days on the weekends as wellContinue reading “So little time, so much work”